At Fetter Logistics we provide first rate management of your supply chain throughout the United States and world. However, we also pride ourselves on our personal service, and comprehensive logistics solutions for all your business needs.  Our team has over 100 years combined experience in managing transportation.

International Shipping: Whether by ocean, air or rail, Fetter Logistics offers global coverage. International freight can be traced just as easily as local shipments.

Expedited Freight: Certified IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) by the TSA. Dedicated and air freight services are also available.

Storage/Warehousing: We have both indoor and outdoor storage, high security, short term and long term storage availability to assist you in coordinating supply chain or product accessibility concerns.

Domestic Transportation Services
LTL Solutions

Partial & Full Truckloads
Air Freight
Freight Bill Auditing and Payment Services
Carrier Negotiation and Selection Services
Container Loading, Unloading, and Distribution Services
Excess Cargo Liability Insurance Available
Routing Instruction, Generation and Compliance
Warehousing and Equipment Rental
Distribution Services
Cross Dock
Multiple Facility Fulfillment
Small Parcel Auditing
Return Goods Management
Trade Shows
Supplier Management & Compliance

Invoicing: Most invoicing can be tailored to fit your specific needs. If you have special billing or invoicing requirements please contact any one of our team members.

One of our goals is to optimize customer satisfaction. If you have problems with a shipment, feel free to contact us with your problem shipment. We would be happy to assist in you any way possible and answer any questions you may have.