fetter_business2businessFetter Logistics is dedicated to utilizing the technology and data services which not only improves interoffice efficiency but also the level of satisfaction-in-service for our customers.  We have discerningly chosen to only incorporate the technology that facilitates business performance, customer convenience and business-to-business B2B efficiency.

In order to allow our customers live access to their freight and billing inquiries, we have developed and fully implemented our proprietary system, TransManager.  Allowing for today’s cross-platform data access needs, our customers now have access to their shipments, electronic invoices and reports though the web using their device of choice.  fetter_technology2In addition, rate confirmations, bills, reports and invoices can now be directly sent to our customers and carriers by our dispatchers and clerks.  Unlike using an out-of-a-box TMS, Fetter Logistics has chosen to design and create a totally unique and TMS that works for the business rather than adapting the business to fit the TMS.  TransManager is ever evolving for improved efficiency and end-user functionality and purpose.